Having a rock-solid contract gives you integrity. We offer flat-fee rates for most contract work.

Presenting your clients with a solid contract that you both understand not only gives you confidence but will earn you respect. That is how deals get done! Let us help you!

Signing a contract when you have no idea what half of the terms mean, is no fun at all. Let Wick Law guide you!

“Melissa drafted a commercial lease that minimized the risk I faced as a tenant taking on substantial renovation work to the rental space.”

“My situation was somewhat unconventional, but Melissa came up with practical solutions that protected me while still allowing the deal to go through.”

Courtney Heibel – Rooted Together

Life is much better when BOTH parties to a deal understand their obligations and rights.

At Wick Law, we specialize in contract drafting and negotiation of all kinds. The truth is, your contracts and the way you use them, are the heart of your business. So, let us help you get it right!

You will sleep better with us on your team.

Below are some, not all, of the most common contracts we help with:

Services Agreements

Sure, you can get a plain old contract off the internet, but let me tell you, it won’t protect you like it should. How could it? It wasn’t drafted with YOU in mind. At Wick Law, we take the time to understand your unique needs and tailor your contract to your business. Trust me, you AND your customers will thank us!

Buy / Sell Agreements, Purchase Agreements, stock redemption agreements.

Are you thinking about selling your business? Do you want to plan for the addition of new business partners? Is a partner leaving the business? If you answered YES, then you need a well drafted and comprehensive agreement. Let us help you!

Restrictive covenants, NDAs and confidentiality agreements.

Keep your customer lists, pricing, marketing strategies and other confidential business information protected from your competition.

If you are thinking of taking on an investor or thinking about selling your business, you need a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. It is wise to have any prospective partner or buyer sign an agreement BEFORE you give them access to your books and confidential business information.

Online Businesses

If you are selling products or services from your website or if you have an online membership or coaching program, you need a lawyer who understands online businesses.

Privacy Policy – If you collect any information from your website visitors or use cookies /pixels to collect data, you MUST have a privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions – The terms and conditions on a website are essentially a contract between your business and visitors to your website. It sets the rules for use of your website.

Terms of Use – If you are offering an online course, you need to have a contract that outlines the terms of your course.

Disclaimer – If you give any advice or recommendations on your website, you need a legal disclaimer. the disclaimer should be drafted by a lawyer to address your specific business.

Hiring Employees and Contractors

Let us help you nail down the details of your first hire and protect your IP and business assets. We frequently draft offer letters, employment agreements, and independent contractor agreements. We will take the time to understand your situation and create a customized bank of documents you can use depending upon the type of hire.

Technology Law Contracts

SaaS and software development agreements require a different analysis and special considerations than other services contracts. It is crucial to define processes, scope/phases, and how to produce and accept deliverables.  Intellectual property plays a huge role in these deals, let us help you protect the products you developed.


1. Schedule a consult.

2. We discuss your situation, and I learn how you are running your business, who your clients are, and how you want to grow. This way, I can determine what contract(s) you need and where you need protected most as you begin to grow your business.

3. Based on our consult, I will prepare a representation agreement for you, which will explain what contracts I will prepare, and gives an you estimate of my anticipated fee. You will have an expectation regarding my fees so there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

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