Navigating a separation or a divorce from your spouse is an emotional, challenging and complicated transition. During this time, you need an advocate and guide to help you understand the process, listen to your goals, and help you develop a strategy to achieve those goals. We are skilled negotiators and love to help clients reach favorable settlements in their family law matters. However, we are also skilled advocates who you can rely on to tirelessly advocate for your best interests. If you are going through the transition of divorce or dissolution, contact our office today.

"Child Support / Spousal Support"

"Child support is meant to ensure that children maintain an adequate standard of living. In Ohio, it is established by a formula referred to as the “guideline” that considers the respective incomes of the parties and certain expenses that a parent may be paying on behalf of the children. However, in some circumstances, there are additional factors at play that justify deviating from the standard guideline child support. We are skilled at understanding the deviation factors and we know how to apply them to your circumstances. If you need assistance in addressing your child support concerns, contact our office today. Spousal support is a granted to address income disparities and maintain the standard of living for a spouse. Determining the length and amount of spousal support involves consideration of several factors and judges have discretion in making an award. It is crucial to seek guidance from an attorney who understands the nuances that impact spousal support awards."

Child Custody / Shared parenting / Parenting time

No family is one size fits all and how you decide to schedule parenting time with your children is a personal decision. Many considerations go into determining their upbringing, medical care, education, parenting time, extracurricular activities and more. We will help you find a solution that makes the transition easier on your children, promotes cooperation, and minimizes conflict. Contact our office today to have a compassionate and skilled advocate in your corner.

Order Modification / Enforcement

Sometimes you need an advocate to help you enforce a current order that isn’t being followed by the other party – we can help. Sometimes you need to make modifications to an existing order because the status quo is no longer what is best for children or the parties. We are seasoned in handling post-decree issues, such as contempt of court, modification or termination matters. We understand that circumstances change over time and we are committed to providing you with the support and guidance you need as you navigate these complex issues.

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