Keep your business assets safe from copycats.

Make sure your employees don’t steal your ideas and become competition! Keep your edge out of your competition’s hands. Keep future investors happy by letting them know you’ve taken the right steps towards protecting your IP for the long haul. Let Wick Law guide you!

“Melissa drafted a commercial lease that minimized the risk I faced as a tenant taking on substantial renovation work to the rental space.”

“My situation was somewhat unconventional, but Melissa came up with practical solutions that protected me while still allowing the deal to go through.”

Courtney Heibel – Rooted Together

Knowing how to protect your intellectual property is not one size fits all and requires a customized approach.

At Wick Law, we specialize in keeping our clients protected, and that includes protection of their IP. The truth is, your intellectual property is the biggest asset you have! So, let us help you keep it protected and under lock and key!

You will sleep better with us on your team.

Below are some, not all, of the most common ways we protect your intellectual property:


Don’t let copycats steal your beautiful creations, e.g., your content, blog posts, podcasts, social media posts, online courses, in-person courses, screenplays, stories, songs, photographs and more…  We can help keep you and your content protected.


Protect your brand because we all know how hard you’ve worked to create it! Trademarks protect logos, business names, podcast names, catch phrases, or slogans.  Your branding is what makes you stand out, don’t let someone steal your vibe. Contact us today for straightforward flat-fee pricing.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets refer to specific private information that you’ve acquired via your own hard work in your business; for example, your email list, your customer list, your specific pricing strategies, your deals with vendors, your marketing strategies, and more.  Keep these items protected by having an attorney include certain provisions in your contracts, such as independent contractor and employment agreements and services agreements. Wick Law can help!

License Agreements

Sometimes your content/IP is so good people want to pay you to use it! And sometimes you might want to permit others to use your content for a fee or percentage of sales, of course!  If this is the case, you must have an attorney help you formalize this deal through a license agreement that spells out the terms clearly, and protects your ownership once the license expires.


1. Schedule a consult.

2. We discuss your situation, and I learn how you are running your business, who your clients are, and how you want to grow. This way, I can determine what contract(s) you need and where you need protected most as you begin to grow your business.

3. Based on our consult, I will prepare a representation agreement for you, which will explain what contracts I will prepare, and gives an you estimate of my anticipated fee. You will have an expectation regarding my fees so there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

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