Right now, developing new ideas to supplement core products and services is one way businesses are continuing to operate and stay relevant. Post COVID-19, your small business may need to pivot and re-configure the day-to-day. Another way to find meaning and purpose during this time and stay connected to your customer base and community is by using your business to help others in need.
Before you dive in, here are three ideas that small business owners should consider going forward.

  1. Strategic partnerships — Businesses may need to team up with other businesses or nonprofits to promote and implement new services. If your business wants to provide a service that helps the community during the rebound from COVID-19, now is the time to think about teaming up with a nonprofit or another business to make a positive impact.  Let Wick Law help formulate and spell out the terms of a partnership that will help your community during tough times.  


  1. Contract overhaul — In transition periods, it is probably necessary to take another look at your customers’ changing needs so you can understand your organization’s position in the current environment. In other words, as you expand your services or your role shifts, you need to make sure you revise your contracts, insurance, and internal policies to accommodate the changes to your business model. As always, Wick Law can help you implement changes by revising contracts to fit evolving relationships with customers, suppliers, and other partners.


  1. Give back — If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to begin the process of developing and implementing a way to give back to your community. Consumers respect and are loyal to brands that embrace human well-being and protecting the environment. Invest in relationships with your employees, your supply chain, your customers, your community. Doing so will make you a better business owner and a happier person. At Wick Law, we love helping businesses help their communities. Read more: How to Create a Give-Back Program Without Breaking the Bank

Finally, for inspiration and a great example of using business for good, check out Service! 
Service! is an amazing relief effort for hospitality workers that was recently organized as a non-profit community association composed of restaurant industry folks serving Franklin County in Columbus, Ohio. The program’s focus is to identify and utilize resources to eliminate hunger among restaurant industry worker and families.
See more here: Nonprofit Providing Meals to Unemployed Food Service and Hospitality Workers During Coronavirus Crisis
And, in case you were wondering: You Can Do Hard Things