Growth Mindset Revolution

Your beliefs create your results.

I help LGBTQ+ and female entrepreneurs let go of limiting beliefs, stop “conforming” and believe in expansive possibilities – ON PURPOSE.

Drop the self-doubt and worry and create the results you want YOUR WAY.

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Create a business that blows your damn mind.

Stop conforming your business to heteronormative bro-dude BS. Trust me, it is holding you back from being YOU!

Learn to:

Stop seeking external validation

Stop the graspy hustle vibes and have more fun with your business

Learn how the way you think creates the results you see

Get out of your own way, do it your own way, manifest exactly what you want


A six-week business mindset course for LGBTQ+ and female-identifying entrepreneurs that will change the way you think about yourself and your business. This course is for LGBTQ + and female-identifying entrepreneurs and it feels like courage, without the drama.

LGBTQ+ and female entrepreneurs often lack family and financial support for their businesses and, as if THAT isn’t enough, the heteronormative patriarchal BS we live with can cause us to feel doubt, fear, isolation, and overwhelm.

I.GOT.YOU. Learn to stop seeking external validation and validate and trust yourself instead.

Uncover limiting beliefs that are getting in your way

Feel safe and abundant while creating the business of your dreams no matter what your circumstances are.

Uplevel your ambition, understand your “WHY”, and live into your future self as we set and move towards your goals.

Stop striving so hard, stop kicking your own a$$, and, instead, start believing hard in your future possibilities.  Your beliefs create your results.

Here’s a secret:

The way you think about yourself, as a business owner, and the way you think about your business are the BIGGEST factors in your success. These two things influence how you “show up” as an entrepreneur and how you decide to run your business.

LGBTQ+ and female-identifying entrepreneurs —Do you want to learn how to have the confidence to create the business of your dreams? If you worry a lot, if you are overwhelmed, or afraid of failure, it is because of two things: 1. the way you are thinking and 2.  conforming to and seeking external validation from heteronormative and patriarchal society.  I teach you how to believe exactly whatever you want to believe about the possibilities for your future and then create exactly what you want.  Your beliefs create your results.

In all of my courses, you will learn to believe whatever you want to believe about yourself, your business, your possibilities, your future…on purpose. THIS skill is the key to creating exactly the business you want. You will spend a lot of time living into your goals through the wisdom of your futyre self (who already has what you want and knows how to create it).  Sound like a trip?! It is! This work changes everything.

Grow your business YOUR way.

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching on topics relevant to all entrepreneurs… but with an LGBTQ+ and female-identifying twist.

I coach using a tool called The Model, developed by Brooke Castillo, which will help you take control, and feel powerful and confident, even while growing your business in a patriarchal society, where sexism and homophobia exist. Every week we will tackle topics like failure, resilience, massive action, confidence, fear, worthiness, doing new things, and more — all under an LGBTQ+ lens.

Videos and Worksheets to help you implement the lessons

The Course has 6 modules, and several short videos per Module. There are several worksheets that accompany each module to help you implement the lessons.

1:1 Coaching 

If you opt for the 1:1 coaching package, you get 45 minutes of 1:1 coaching with me once per week. 1:1 coaching is invaluable for uncovering limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of creating the results you want in your business.

Learn How To Coach Yourself as you encounter obstacles

Access to The Model. The Model is a technique for managing your mind as you challenge yourself to grow your business and do things you have never done before.

Access To Membership Group

You get access to the Growth Mindset Revolution membership group where you will meet other LGBTQ+ and female-identifying business owners like yourself.

Hi! I’m Melissa.

I am and business attorney and a certified business coach through The Life Coach School. I’ve taken the training and tools I learned at The Life Coach School and blended them with my legal and business skills to create a course that is perfect for LGBTQ+ and female identifying entrepreneurs that are ready to grow their businesses. Trust me- doing this work will change your life and change the way you think about yourself and your business.

It’s simple: My goal is to help you have the confidence to get over your own BS and run the business of your dreams!

Keep your head on straight and get the results you want in your business.

Join me for my 6 week course –you won’t be sorry you did. You’ll leave the course so much more prepared to deal with obstacles every entrepreneur faces, such as fear, failure, and overwhelm. I’ll teach you the tools to manage yourself and BE yourself as you grow your business. You will be unstoppable.

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