“Melissa has been a trusted resource for my growing general contractor business. She advised me on entity selection, taxation issues, and helped me convert my corporation to an LLC. Melissa routinely advises me so that I know I am operating my business within the framework set by Ohio law regarding taxation and statutory regulations for folks who do home improvement work.”

Joe Shultz – On Call Handyman & Co., LLC

“Melissa drafted a commercial lease that minimized the risk I faced as a tenant taking on substantial renovation work to the rental space. My situation was somewhat unconventional, but Melissa came up with practical solutions that protected me while still allowing the deal to go through.”

Courtney Heibel – Rooted Together

“Melissa drafted and negotiated the governing documents for my new business. She made sure that I understood my rights as an owner and my obligations to my partner according to our operating agreement for our new LLC. Melissa made sure I was protected, and we ended up with a clear and fair agreement.”

Dr. Rebecca Ramirez, MD – Dr. Becky MD, LLC

“Melissa has guided me in the day-to-day operation of my businesses with transparency and efficiency. Additionally, when I have needed make changes, Melissa provided straight forward legal advice, negotiated, and drafted our legal agreements. Working with Melissa has been a great experience.”

Letha Pugh – Bake Me Happy, LLC and Preston’s Burgers, LLC

“I was unhappy with roofing work done on one of my rentals. Melissa aggressively represented me in court and then negotiated with the contractor’s lawyer. Ultimately, the contractor agreed to take several thousand dollars off the bill. She represented my interests aggressively and got me the deal I deserved.”

Linda Schuler

“Melissa was a rock-star in court. She aggressively represented my interests and insisted that the court enforce our deal. I won my case and received the money I was owed. It was stressful, but Melissa handled the case beautifully.”

Terry Sexton

“Melissa helped me negotiate and settle a dispute with a customer. She helped me arrive at a fair deal and avoid the cost of litigation by settling my matter outside of court. Since then, she continues to serve as a trusted advisor regarding the day-to-day operations of my business.”

Jeremiah Roberts – Diamond Mechanical, LLC

“Melissa assisted my business with adjusting workplace policies in light of COVID-19. She provided common sense solutions and helped my business adopt and implement clear and concise workplace policies that kept everyone safe and, also, made sure that my employees could still perform at a high level.”

Rich Jones, National Engineering, LLC

“Melissa assisted us with developing a contract for the rental of our new event space. She took her time to make sure she understood our business. She was thorough; she made sure the agreement was clear, that it included all of the necessary provisions and that we were protected.”

Therese McCann, Sage, LLC